Chinese navy anniversary to boost peace prospects

Xinhua Founded in Taizhou, east China's Jiangsu Province on April 23, 1949, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy is set to celebrate its 70th founding anniversary Tuesday.

China means business when it comes to high-quality development

Xinhua Once again, China's economic resilience defied doomsayers' projections, and it deserves the world's confidence.

China's continuous opening-up means more opportunities

Xinhua Since Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a slew of opening-up measures a year ago, the country has been translating words into actions with solid progress.

Time to vigorously advance China's ecological civilization

Xinhua There are many ways to understand China's ecological civilization, among which is the indispensable knowledge that top Chinese leaders are serving as role models in the country's afforestation efforts.

More win-win cooperation needed for stronger China-EU ties

Xinhua Under such circumstances, China and the EU, two major participants in and contributors to multi-polarity and economic globalization, have every reason to further strengthen their bilateral relations.

Salute to Chinese heroes and martyrs

Xinhua On Tomb-sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) which falls on Friday, Chinese people mourn the dead. The recollecting of the country's heroes and martyrs is the focus.

China’s economy defies global headwinds with greater resilience

Xinhua China is a country under much scrutiny, and any economic changes it makes, big or small, are likely to come under the microscope.

To invest in Xiongan, it's the right time

Xinhua After China unveiled the blueprints for Xiongan New Area two years ago, the "demo area" for the country's new development model has been under close scrutiny.

China's BRI creates tremendous opportunities for cooperation

Xinhua China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) creates tremendous opportunities for cooperation, which should be seized in a timely and productive manner, an Uzbek expert has said.

Shared future needs stronger global cooperation, openness

Xinhua All eyes are once again on Boao, a coastal resort in China's southern island province of Hainan, as the annual Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) opened on Tuesday.

China, Europe complement each other in economy: scholar

Xinhua China and Europe are examples of two economic blocks that complement each other, an economics professor told Xinhua in a recent interview.

China's opening up a blessing for global prosperity

Xinhua Messages from the China Development Forum 2019 show that China will further open its market and make a significant contribution to globalization and world prosperity.

Xi's visit expected to usher in new stage in China-France ties

Xinhua Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to France will further consolidate the relationship between the two countries and usher it into a new stage, French politicians, scholars and experts have said.

Key takeaways from China Development Forum 2019 on reform, opening-up

Xinhua Senior officials from the Chinese central government's departments came under the spotlight at the ongoing China Development Forum 2019 for elaborating on China's reform and opening-up.

China leads world in reforestation efforts

Xinhua The world has become a greener place than it was 20 years ago, largely thanks to China's reforestation efforts that are ambitious enough to have a significant impact on the global mission of cutting carbon emissions.

China tax cuts aid rural revitalization

Xinhua China's large-scale tax and fee reductions unveiled earlier this year are starting to benefit a vast number of villages.

Interview: BRI a bridge to more globalized, just world: expert

Xinhua The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by China is a bridge to a more globalized and just world, said Arturo Oropeza, vice president of Mexico's Institute for Industrial Development and Economic Growth.

Xi's visit to open new chapter in China-Italy ties, says ambassador

Xinhua An upcoming state visit to Italy by President Xi Jinping will open up a new chapter in Sino-Italian relations, Chinese Ambassador to Italy Li Ruiyu has said.

Xi's upcoming visit to inject new impetus into China-EU partnership

Xinhua Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay state visits to Italy, Monaco and France from March 21 to 26, to consolidate time-honored friendship, enhance practical cooperation and champion multilateralism.

China's key political meetings secure pivotal underpinning for all-round well-off society

Xinhua As the "two sessions," a key event in China's political calendar, came to an end Friday, the country has created decisive underpinning for navigating through complexities toward its goal to build a moderately prosperous society (Xiaokang) in all respects.

Preventive approach: China's effective means to combat terrorism

Xinhua China on Monday issued a white paper, saying that the country gives top priority to a preventive counterterrorism approach.

"Two sessions" discussions a process for making people's voices heard

Xinhua During discussions at the "two sessions," lawmakers and political advisors, ranging from renown entrepreneurs and sports stars to doctors and primary school teachers, provide China's decision making process with a broader picture of what is going on in the country and what the people really care about and need.

China's anti-corruption fight goes from victory to victory

Xinhua China's fight against corruption has scored a sweeping victory and is setting sight on a complete win.

China's new foreign investment law to boost opening-up, expert says

Xinhua A longtime U.S. observer on China has said the draft foreign investment law being deliberated in Beijing is "definitely a step forward" in the country's continued reform and opening-up.

"Passage interview," a snapshot of Chinese democracy

Xinhua Welcome to China's "passage interview," a live broadcast that presents China through the stories of common people as well as international superstars.